Friday, May 25, 2018

Kailis Fish Market Cafe in Fremantle, Australia

Chili Mussels

OK, so those mussels from Rockpool last night were not the local Perth chili mussels that I was looking for. Instead, these were. They were from a waterfront shop out in Fremantle that looked worryingly touristy (48 Mews Road, 08-9335-7755).

Fortunately, everything was wonderfully fresh, including some rather briny oysters, some nicely grilled lobster, and some delightfully tender fish. The mussels were fresh too, but it took some getting used to the heavy tomato taste. In that sense, I'll pass on the mussels next time, but will be happy go for the fish and chips again.

BTW, they amusingly had fish and chips as a gelato flavor here. It didn't really taste like fish and chips; it was just fried batter mixed into the gelato. And oddly, it tasted more like a banana flavor to me. It was fine, but would've been more interesting if they at least had a more pronounced sea salt taste in there.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chili Mussels from Rockpool in Perth, Australia


It seems that one of the local things to get in Perth is a dish called chili mussels, which are done up in chili, garlic, and tomato. I'm not sure if Rockpool's version above is meant to be an interpretation of that or not, but the mussels were very fresh at least, and that vermouth and pepper based broth that it came in was surprisingly punchy. Anyway, I suppose that it's hard to go wrong with anything at Rockpool; I was happy with my squid ink risotto as well as a number of other starters that we had shared. The thing I maybe liked the most was a sesame old fashioned that I closed the meal with.

The Merrywell in Perth, Australia

Merry Had A Lamb Sanga

This pub at the Crown Perth had a big banner that said that they had won some award for the best steak sandwich in Perth. So we went in to give it a try. To my dismay, it came with not only sweet potato fries, but also beetroot (hey, it was Australia after all). The good thing is that I didn't mind the beetroot as much as I thought I would. But I still don't like sweet potato fries.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Lallah Rookh in Perth, Western Australia


When I searched online for good restaurants in Perth, this Italian place (77 Saint Georges Terrace, 08-9325-7077) showed up on several lists. And I can see why. It was delicious, featuring largely local ingredients all done with care. I particularly liked a firmly cooked tube pasta that they gave us in their chef's menu, not to mention some local octopus, as well as that quail above. They had quite a thing for figs here too, featuring it with not only a blue cheese mousse to start but also in a dessert that they closed with. Best of all, it was cheaper than what we would've paid for in Singapore. Good choice.

Getting Salt and Pepper Squid in Australia

Salt and Pepper Squid

We needed a quick bite after getting into Perth this afternoon, and the hotel bar had none other than salt and pepper squid on their menu. We figured that we'd get that then since it's so popular Down Under. It did the job with a nicely textured and peppery batter. It does make me wonder though if anyone has tried introducing Rhode Island-style calamari down here.

Avocado Toast at The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

Avocado Toast

It turns out that The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck at Changi Terminal 3 does breakfast! I grabbed this avocado toast above, which had some wonderfully sweet tomatoes as well as some really nice bread underneath. And it wasn't too citrusy either. We'll have to get our hands on more of that bread.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Langra and Kesar Mangoes From India

Indian Mangoes

It's Indian mango season again! Mustafa had the usual alphonso and banganapalli varieties, as well as dusheri and pairi. But fortunately they also had two that I haven't tried yet: langra and kesar. I wasn't getting my hopes up for langra: it was green on the outside and yellow on the inside. But it turned out to be impressively sweet like a Thai honey mango, all with just a hint of richness. The kesar, on the other hand, looked much better with its bright orange flesh inside. And it was more complex than the langra with a tinge of mustiness (in a good way). Thumbs up to both.

Side note: Raj has shut down (oh no!), although at least it was Murugan Idli Shop that has taken its place with a now much larger venue.

Bangkok's Took Lae Dee in Singapore

Pad Thai

The team that brought Tim Ho Wan, Tsuta, and Kam's Roast to Singapore has now opened an outlet of Tok Lae Dee (18 Tai Seng Street #01-34, 6272-2000). I haven't been to the one in Bangkok, but it literally means "cheap and good."

And cheap it is. They have a basil chicken for only S$3.80 (US$2.80), and it's plated on nice porcelain while you sit in air conditioned comfort. Other menu items include basics like green curry or the pad thai above, which you could spike with the standard array of Thai condiments.

It was certainly better than most of the Thai chains around here. Plus, they have a cool counter for you to sit at if you'd like. Here's to hoping that they expand into the city soon, preferably as a 24 hour place like they are in Bangkok.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Menya Masamune Has Finally Opened in Singapore

Abura Soba

After trying these guys at a small stand in Sentosa last year, I was eager to see them opening a permanent shop here in Singapore. It finally opened (86 Tanjong Pagar Road, 6909-6349), and to my surprise, they were offering this abura soba above. The chashu wasn't as tasty as I had remembered it being, but the bowl was otherwise fine, especially when spiked with some vinegar and chili oil. I'll have to come back here one day to try their soups though.

Friture Martin Zwerts from Holland in Singapore

Small Frites

After finishing that chicken at Oporto, I went around the corner to check out this chain from Holland, which has also opened up a stall in Holland Village, of all places (3 Lorong Liput #B1-07). Yes, the fries were indeed unique, as the oil and potato somehow made for an almost pastry-like feel. It in fact left such a good impression that I nearly went for another serving. Next time though, I'll pass on the mayonnaise, which was rather sweet (cue: John Travolta's lines from Pulp Fiction about Amsterdam).

Australia's Oporto in at Holland Piazza, Singapore

Quarter Chicken

I haven't been to Nando's in ages, but I was kinda curious about this competing chicken chain from Australia, which has opened in Holland Village (3 Lorong Liput #01-01). I went straight for that quarter chicken above, and fortunately, the meat wasn't anywhere as dry as I thought it would be, despite how horrible it looked. Still, the chili sauce and taste of the chicken were forgettable. I am kinda curious to try their Bondi Burger one day though.

Janggut Laksa: The Original Katong Laksa


I don't eat laksa very much, but these guys from Marine Parade have a stall up at Wisma Atria's Food Republic, and I've been curious about it for a while. Yes, I was happy with this bowl, particularly since they cut the noodles short enough that one could eat it all with a spoon. Their otah was rather boring though.